Guy in front of me is carrying his lunch; a ziploc bag full of spaghetti and meat sauce. I sincerely hope he doubled bagged it.


Who uses speaker phone on public transit? Apparently dude beside me needs to pick up milk on the way home.

Cock a doodle doo

Taking a minute to appreciate this apartment block with Roosters on pedestal marking the grand entrance.

Back Bench

Not very much room on the back bus bench. Dude squeezed his way in and now I'm sitting side saddle smushed up against the window. awesome.

Tiger Beat

Ah back to school bus rides. Girls beside me are giddily flirting with the boy in front of me who keeps turning around and winking when they tap him on the shoulder. Getting an awkward front row seat for this tiger beat extravaganza.


Wildly uncomfortable ride into work. Forced to ride side saddle squished up against the window by some dude who wouldn't move. Follows by an attempt to elegantly walk into work with my right leg completely numb.


Woman was running for the bus, got there just as the driver was pulling away. Rather than give up, She smacked the side of the bus a few times to get his attention and when she got on looked him right in the eyes and said "seriously?!" This chick is my hero.